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International Airport Kharkiv – is one of the most important enterprises of the capital of Slobozhanshchyna region of Ukraine, which is currently subject to reconstruction as a part of preparations for the final games of the UEFA European cup in 2012.

Международный аэропорт «Харьков»

About reconstruction

Start to this large-scale reconstruction project was given on 1 April, 2008, when the company “New Systems AM” (part of the DCH group, its president – well-known Ukrainian businessman, investor and general coordinator of Kharkiv for EURO 2012 program – Alexander Yaroslavsky) won the tender for the rental of a complete property complex of the Kharkiv Airport.

The reconstruction project includes the construction of a new terminal, reconstruction of the existing one, construction of a new runway and major repairs of the airport terminal apron facilities. Technological scheme of passenger service was designed by the renowned German company “Airport Research Center”, which has extensive experience in designing major airports in Europe. Adjustment of this design to the Ukrainian regulatory requirements has been carried out by Kharkiv design organization “Arkstone”. After the reconstruction, citizens and guests of Kharkiv – the “first capital” – will have access to modern international airport capable of receiving different types of aircrafts including such as Airbus A-320 and Boeing B-737.

The new terminal with an area of more than 20 thousand square meters will enable by the year 2011, to increase volume of passengers flow to 800,000 passengers a year. It is also planned to reconstruct a hotel attached to the International Airport Kharkiv and creation of a modern parking garage. Completion date for the new terminal – the second half of 2010.

The project is funded by the private investor – the company “New Systems AM” (DCH group) and by the state budget of Ukraine. Share of DCH – UAH 508,8 mln.

Project involves construction of a new passenger terminal, restoration of the existing terminal, reconstruction of the airport adjacent square, construction of parking lots, construction of a temporary reverse terminal, complete modernization of the airport infrastructure, purchase of special transport. Share of the state at the project equals to UAH727 million. Public funding will be used for construction of a new runway, apron and aircraft parking areas, a new rescue station, air traffic control tower, replacement-of the existing light signaling system and aircraft landing control system.

After reconstruction, International Airport Kharkiv will become the First Airport in Ukraine, which will operate super modern luggage handling system (lhs) (capacity – 960 pieces of luggage per hour for international flights and 600 pieces of luggage per hour for domestic flights) put forward by the world leader in this area – Vanderlande Industries.Distinctive feature of this BHS – mobility, which has an ability to be further, expanded, to create additional points of registration and arrival terminals.

In 2009, also signed was a five-year contract between “New Systems AM” and SITA – a leading operator in the market of information and telecommunication solutions for aviation industry – for delivery and full integration of information and technology solutions for the new terminal.

New terminal will be equipped with necessary number of state and custom border crossing channels as well as with aviation safety control facilities and facilities securing comfortable movement at terminal of the disabled people. At the territory of the constructed terminal there will be numerous shops, café and other auxiliary services. In order to ensure required airport throughput capacity (2,550 passenger / hour), it is planned thatduring the time when held in Kharkiv will be EURO-2012 football games, temporary installed will be so-called reverse terminal with throughput capacity of 1,000 passengers per hour.

For reference:

DCH ( –one of the largest and most dynamically developing business group in Ukraine, with assets in various industrial branches. Beneficiary – Alexander Yaroslavsky, influential Ukrainian businessman, is in the top 10 richest Ukrainians (according to the “correspondent” weekly, 2009). He is general investor and coordinator of program of preparation of Kharkiv for euro 2012. DCH consolidates most of its assets of one of the oldest and the most powerful industrial groups in Ukraine – the “Ukrsibbank” group. DCH assets are represented by industrial enterprises, construction and development companies, financial institutions, etc. Since 2007, the group is implementing a comprehensive program for preparation of Kharkiv for EURO 2012, which includes reconstruction of a number of sports facilities of the city (including the “Metalist” stadium) and the International Airport Kharkiv.