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Construction Approval

Government of Ukraine has assigned to UkSATSE functions of co-ordination of allocation, construction and reconstruction as well as marking those construction objects, which could create danger to the safety of air traffic.

Within the competence of UkSATSE, its experts conduct an expertise of the designed construction objects, estimate their influence as artificial obstacles on aircraft operations and radio navigation equipment used for air navigation purposes.

Submission of application

In order to get an expert conclusion for the construction (reconstruction) of an object an applicant shall submit a request (in Ukrainian language) to the Director General of UkSATSE. The request shall contain following information:

Geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude) of the construction object in WGS-84 coordinate system (upon UkSATSE request the rectangular coordinates of the object from runway thresholds in case of locating object less than 15 km from aerodrome reference points);

Absolute altitude (Baltic altitude system);

Absolute altitude of building cranes used for object construction;

Allocation plan of the construction objects or a copy of cadastral plan;

Address and contact phone number of an applicant.

In case of telecommunication or data transmitting equipment is planned to install on the object, the application shall contain the following additional information (for each radio-electronic component):

object location (street, building, city, (village, urban-type settlement, etc), district, region);

height of antennas;

standard of equipment operation (GSM-800, 900, 1800, UMTS, etc.);

frequency range (kHz, MHz, GHz);

transmitter power (mW, W, kW);

antenna’s amplification factor;

direction of radiation, degrees (for radio-relay stations).

Co-ordination procedure

Conclusion regarding the possibility of construction of an object will be sent to an applicant within 30 days from the date of the request receiving, provided all necessary information listed above is submitted.

In other cases, the applicant is submitted with the requests for additional information and the deadline of co-ordination could be extended. If necessary, UkSATSE reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant, for example, the relevant decision of the airport administration or an expert conclusion from the profile Project Institution (Ukraeroproekt).

After the receipt of UkSATSE’s conclusion the applicant shall apply to the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in order to get permission for the construction works.

If a construction was not started within 3 year period the appropriate co-ordination is considered null and void.

Co-ordination service for the construction of an object is free of charge.


Terminal Airspace Design Department:

+38 (044) 351 57 46

Air Navigation System facilities operation and repair Centre “Ukraeroservice”:

+38 (044) 246 11 50

Example of the application to UkSATSE:

Form applicants
Order of the Ministry of infrastructure Ukraine