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Freight Forwarding Company LLC «POLEX EXPRESS»

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Since 1 May 2013 LLC «Polex Express» has been an official operator of aviation cargos warehouse handling in International airport “Kharkiv”.

Opening of the customs warehouse with a total area of 1100 m2 is planned on 1 February 2014.

The warehouse will provide handling of imported and exported cargos under a customs procedure. The following categories of cargos can be delivered to consumers:

  • General cargo
  • Special cargo (oversize, high-value, dangerous and perishable gargos, animals, pharmaceutical and medical products).

The customs warehouse is equipped according to European security standards.

Services of the customs warehouse:

  • Customs clearance of imported and exported cargos
  • Storage (incl. consignment gargo)
  • Loading and unloading, palletizing, lot consolidation
  • Preparation of shipping documentation
  • Delivery to consignees

Freight Forwarding Company LLC «POLEX EXPRESS» is ready to cooperate with national and foreign operators and air companies which provide aviation cargos handling services in International airport “Kharkiv”.

+380 57 728 32 87

Freight Forwarding Company LLC «POLEX EXPRESS»