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International airport “Kharkiv” offers advertising for your company on our own advertising platforms.

Airport traffic numbers about  900 000 peoples per year, where 600 000 is passangers, and 300,000 – spectators. Already in 2011 – on the threshold of the matches of Euro-2012 final part – we expect an increase of the annual passenger traffic of 600 000 people, and the number of guests at the airport – 420 000, which is 3 times higher than in previous periods.

Advertising inside terminals:

  • advertising on light boxes of various sizes;
  • broadcasting commercials on the screens inside the centre;
  • placement of booklets and magazines on the racks for free printed matter;
  • placement in lounges and business class hall;
  • advertising on baggage carts.

Outdoor advertising:

  • advertising on light boxes at the airport landside;
  • advertising on buses running at the airport complex;
  • advertising on telescopic ramps.

Advertising on our website:

  • placement of a static logo;
  • placement of a dynamic banner;
  • placement of information in the profile section of the site;
  • placement of a dynamic banner in the profile section of the sit.

Other advertising projects:

  • organizing and conducting promotional campaigns at the airport landside;
  • implementation of non-standard advertising projects;
  • realization of exhibitions and presentations with possibility of exposition

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