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Calibration laboratory

CALIBRATION LABORATORY of International airport “Kharkiv” NEW SYSTEMS AM Ltd.

NEW SYSTEMS AM Ltd calibration laboratory was created on the basis of test-repair metrology laboratory of Ukrainian civil aviation administration.

The calibration laboratory is certified for self-sufficiency and technical competence of measuring equipment calibration. Quality control system of measuring equipment calibration meets DSTU ISO 9001-2001.

The calibration laboratory operates according to Certificate of attestation K.63.015-10 for measuring equipment calibration performance for other enterprises, organizations and individuals, in accordance with attestation field, on following measurements:
  • – mechanical quantity measurement ABP consoles (ATT-2), tensimeters IN-11);
  • – pressure, vacuum measurements (manometers, air pressure meters, high-pressure evaporators);
  • – electrical and magnetic quantity measurements (voltmeters, double current ammeters, plug resistance, universal voltage testers, resistance plugs, ohmmeters, multimeters, combined indicators and other instrumentation and control devices);
  • – radio technical and radio electrical measurements, frequency and time measurements (oscillographs, frequency meters and other instrumentation and control devices);
  • – special control-test equipment for aviation technique maintenance (measuring kits, consoles, units, testers and other aviation equipment).

The calibration laboratory is provided with necessary rooms, modern industry standarts, auxiliary and testing equipment, standardized documents for calibration performance. Our certified specialists have many years’ experience in metrological measurement performance.

Calibration is performed on a contract basis during 5-10 working days. Calibration results of measuring equipment are documented according to DSTU 3989-2000 requirements “Metrology. Measuring equipment calibration. Fundamental provisions, organization, procedure and presentation of results”.

Documents according to which
the calibration laboratory of International airport
“Kharkov” New Systems AM Ltd operates:

  • – Act of Ukraine “About metrology and metrological activity”
    № 113/98-ВР d.d. 11.02.1998
  • – “Rules of accreditation and attestation in public metrological system” proved by Ukrainian state consumer standard № 71
    d.d. 02.03.2005;
  • – Attestation certificates К.63.015-10 d.d. 18.06.2010 of measuring equipment calibration for other enterprises, organizations and individuals.

Main standarts restricting the performance of International airport “Kharkiv”
Systems AM Ltd calibration laboratory.

  • – DSTU 3989-2000 Metrology. Measuring equipment calibration. Fundamental provisions, organization, procedure and presentation of results;
  • – DSTU 3968-2000 Metrology. Test and calibrating t-bars. Production principles, application rules and storage precautions.
  • – DSTU ISO 9001-2001 Quality control systems. Requirements;
  • – DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006 General requirements for competence of testing and calibration laboratories;
  • – GOST 8.010-99 GSI (State System for Ensuring Uniform Measurement). Procedure of measurements. Fundamental provisions;
  • – GOST 24555-81 SGIP. Testing equipment certification procedure. Fundamental provisions.


Adress: Ukraine, 61031, Kharkiv, 1,Romashkina St.

Tel.: +38 057 728 32 83