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People with reduced mobility

Airport «Kharkiv» staff carefully treats people with reduced mobility.

A special service for disabled provides a whole range of services for disabled passengers. Service personnel will accompany such passengers during their stay at the airport.

Such services include: transportation from a parking lot or a public transport stop to the airport terminal and aircraft, as well as accompanying from aircraft to on-land transport. If necessary, disabled passengers can stay at a special comfortable hall during three hours prior to departure. Our personnel will take care of your check-in, passport control and customs clearance procedures, help handle your baggage. International arrival area is fitted out with two elevators connecting the passenger terminal with a parking lot, two special lavatories for disabled are available at international and domestic sterile areas.

The medical help office is equipped with an elevator to transport disabled to the ground level for further car transfer to board an aircraft. In June 2005 an ambu-elevator was set in operation. It allows transporting disabled passengers to an aircraft directly.

Head of shift +38 050 382 86 30