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Please, go through the check-in for the flight in a timely manner. Passengers arriving for the check-in in less than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and in less than 40 minutes for international flights may not be allowed to the flight due to the termination of the check-in.

On hearing the information about the beginning of the check-in, you should proceed to passport and customs control for receipt of a boarding pass and luggage check-in.

Necessary documents for the check-in for international flights:

  • ticket;
  • foreign passport with appropriate visas (make sure that your documents allow you to enter your destination country or to make a transit at the transit airport; special attention should be paid to complicated routes requiring multiple changes);
  • when accompanied by a child – power of attorney for the child from both parents, notarized permission for child’s leave abroad (in case of leaving without parents), or a record with a photograph in the parent’s passport for children older than 5 years old;
  • documents for the luggage which requires special conditions of carriage (details in “Rules of luggage transportation”).

Check-in for domestic passenger flights

The check-in for domestic flights starts one hour and finishes 20 minutes before flight departure. Business class passengers go through the check-in at separate counters or out of turn.

Check-in for international passenger flights

At International airport “Kharkiv” the check-in for international flights opens 2 hours prior to a flight’s departure for passengers to have enough time to go through passport and customs control. The check-in finishes 40 minutes before the flight departure.  Business class passengers go through the check-in at separate counters or out of turn.

In case of delayed passenger arrival for the check-in, an airline carrier has the right to re-allocate your seat at its own discretion.