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How does departure proceed?

Before boarding all passengers must check-in. When check-in is announced, you should get a boarding pass and check-in your luggage, then pass through passport and customs control. Passengers of international flights pass through the passport control at the checkpoints and show the documents confirming the right to cross Ukrainian border. A visa-free regime is applied to the CIS citizens for their entry, departure and transit across the territory of Ukraine. It is required to have a passport only. Foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in Ukraine must be registered. Immigration cards to be filled in are given to all foreigners at the entry point. Before going through the customs control we kindly ask you to read carefully the rules of Ukrainian customs and follow them. You can find information about these rules at our website and if you have any questions please contact the representatives of the customs service.

What are the rules of luggage carriage?

The weight of the luggage allowed to be transported for free is set by the carrier. There are definite limits of weight, size and number of pieces of luggage that one passenger can carry. When buying an air ticket ask the airline representative about valid restrictions and rules of your flight. Terms of different carriers (in particular in terms of luggage) can vary. There are also a number of generally accepted rules. It's allowed to carry on international flights without a written declaration per one person no more than:
Cash in equivalent
of 10000 EUR
liquors products – 1 l.
Vine – 2 l.
Beer – 5 l.
200 cigarets
50 cigars
250 g. of tobacco
Goods worth
1000 EUR
500 ml. eau de toilette
100 ml. perfume
Goods and products out of this categories or in quantity of more than listed above are the subject of declaring and taxing. For more information on customs control please visit official website of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, or call information and reference department: 0-800-501-007

What are the rules of pets carriage?

Phytosanitary and veterinary services control import and export of animals and plants. If you plan to carry an animal, it is necessary to notify the airlines representative in advance when buying the ticket. It is allowed to carry dogs, cats, small tamed domestic animals and birds by airplane. Specific terms of carrying your pet can be agreed with the airlines. General rules of animals carriage are available at official website of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine