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Flight with animals

You should inform your agent when buying a ticket on your wish to carry animals with you. The transportation accepts cats and dogs, as well as small domesticated tamed animals and birds, according to prior agreement with the Carrier.

For animal carriage you should have a veterinary certificate and permission for import/export (from Ukraine).

Your agent can ask to measure your pet in three dimensions. Animals are transported only in the luggage compartment of the aircraft in a special container for the animal transportation, and the transportation is paid for as excess baggage. Transportation of animals in the passenger cabin is prohibited, except for transportation of guide dogs.

In exceptional cases, the airline company can allow the carriage of the animal in the passenger cabin if the weight of the animal with the container is not more than 5 kg.

Typically, the airline company does not provide containers for transportation of animals. You will need to purchase the container in advance, and it should conform to the demands of the airline.

Wild animals and birds must be transported only in cargo airplanes.

Detailed information:

The State Customs Service of Ukraine
(+380 44) 247-26-06, 247-27-06