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Passport control

Passengers to international flights go through passport control at border checkpoints on passport control lines on the basis of documents allowing the right to cross the Ukrainian border.

The procedure of crossing the state border of Ukraine and the list of required documents are determined  by international treaties, as well as the current legislation of Ukraine.

For citizens of Ukraine such documents include:

  • Ukrainian citizenship passport for travelling abroad;
  • diplomatic passport;
  • service passport;
  • travel document for children;
  • identity card for sailors;
  • identity card for crew members.

In cases stipulated by international treaties, instead of the documents listed, the citizens of Ukraine may use other documents allowing the right of exit from or entry in the territory of Ukraine.

In case of loss by a Ukrainian citizen abroad of the documents listed, the document guaranteeing the right to enter Ukraine shall be a special certificate issued by the consular office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine abroad.

During the passport control checkpoint officials are entitled to ascertain the presence of limiting conditions under which a citizen can be temporarily denied entry to Ukraine.

Persons who try to penetrate aircraft of overseas routes avoiding the passport control, or those who presented at the passport control documents under an assumed name or invalid documents shall be considered violators of the state border. Use of forged passports or passports under an assumed name entails their compulsory withdrawal by a border detail. Border violators shall be personally liable in accordance with the current legislation.

Foreigners enter Ukraine, exit Ukraine and go in transit through its territory through state border checkpoints on a national passport with an appropriate visa unless another procedure of entry and exit is issued by the legislation of Ukraine.

Citizens from the countries, which Ukraine has concluded international agreements on mutual visa-free travel with, enter Ukraine on a valid national passport in case of a properly issued invitation from legal entities and individuals in Ukraine, unless otherwise stipulated by the international treaty of Ukraine. For more information on how to enter Ukraine consult the consular establishment of Ukraine abroad.

Internal passports and identification cards of foreign states shall not be considered documents allowing the right to cross the state border of Ukraine.

Stateless persons, permanently residing in Ukraine, travel abroad on a certificate of identity of “a stateless person for travelling abroad”, and on a visa for exit from Ukraine.

Foreigners’ transit through the territory of Ukraine is allowed in the presence of a transit Ukrainian visa, a visa of the destination country, tickets or other documents which confirm the transit character of the travelling, unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Transit shall be regarded as stay in Ukraine within time limits specified in the travel ticket, and in the absence of a ticket – the term actually required for crossing the territory of Ukraine by an appropriate form of transport. In all cases, the duration of transit through the territory of Ukraine shall not exceed three days.

In case of loss of the national passport in the territory of Ukraine foreigners should immediately inform the organization that accepts them, the police and the embassy of their country in Ukraine to obtain documents for exit to their Motherland.

Foreigners who, when obtaining an entry visa to Ukraine or other documents for the right to enter Ukraine, submitted invalid information about themselves or about goals of their trip can be refused entry into Ukraine by the competent authorities of Ukraine.

When going through passport control, foreigners receive a registration leaflet for the international passport from a border detail, which must be presented to border guards when exiting the country. The presence of such a leaflet significantly reduces the time of going through passport control.

Compliance with these rules will significantly reduce the time for border formalities for passengers.

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Detailed information:

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