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A transfer from international to domestic flight:

Upon arrival at the International airport “Kharkiv”, in case you are not a Ukrainian citizen, you must fill in an immigration card, pick up your baggage and go through customs control. Then you can go to the right wing of the terminal for transfer to a domestic flight. This procedure is also necessary in case your belongings were registered up to the final destination.

A transfer from domestic to international flight:

Upon arrival you can pick up your baggage and go to the left wing of the terminal to check in for an international flight.

A transfer from international to international flight:

During the check-in for a flight to Kharkiv, tell the agent of your airline company about transit to another international flight at the International airport “Kharkiv”. Upon your arrival in Kharkiv airline employees should take you to the transit hall, where they will take your ticket and passport, and check you in for the connection to another international flight. While waiting for your flight, you can use a duty-free shop or relax in any of the available rooms of the departure lounge.

Information on the documents necessary for transit flights is in the section of the Rules “Visa Control