In one week an International forum on family farming development AGROPORT will be held in Kharkiv. The event is unique not only because it is one the most important agricultural events in Eastern Europe organized under the aegis of the UN, but also because it is the first time when such a great branch forum is held on the territory of International airport “Kharkiv”.

The management of the object built by the famous businessman Alexandr Yaroslavsky in preparation for the finals of European Football Championship in 2012 took the lead of AGROPORT holding. Top-management gave 3 reasons to its decision:

  • the airport has well-developed infrastructure and wide technical possibilities to hold great events;
  • the airport has an active position accordingly the idea of the UN to proclaim 2014 year an International year of family farming;
  • the airport wishes to make its contribution to the deal of investment attractiveness and business activity increase of Slobojanscchina.

The main event of AGROPORT is an exhibition of agricultural equipment AGRO-EX which will be held from 16 October 8:30 a.m. till the end of working day of 18 October. Also III Eastern Ukrainian agroforum The map of agricultural business growth: from farmer to agricultural holding will be held on 16 October.

Before the event the press conference will be held. The speakers will be the forum organizers – ILF law firm, representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, American Board of Trade, USAID project, Kharkiv Tractor plant and Agrotrade company. The opinion regarding the role and perspective of such events like AGROPORT will be given by Ivan Simonov, Deputy Director General in charge of Manufacturing of New Systems AM LLC (DCH group, the company-operator on International airport “Kharkiv”).

On 17 October as a part of AGROPORT the conference on shipping logistics of agricultural products AGRO-AVIA, the conference on crop farming AGRO-GARDEN and also marketing conference AGRO-MARKET on the topic IT and marketing for farming will be held. On the last day – 18 October – the conference on organic products production AGRO-ORGANIC and the conference on animal farming AGRO-VET&ZOO will be held. The last one will be ended by the final press-conference at 2 p.m.

Let us remind that another object of Yaroslavsky – Kharkiv Palace 5* (the first luxuty-hotel in the city built to Euro-2012) has recently received VІ International economy forum Innovations. Investment, Kharkiv initiatives! That event gathered representatives and reputable experts: managers of national branches of IBM, Microsoft, Nestlé, Philip Morris, PwC, Shell; representatives of USAID, American board of trade, EBRD in Ukraine, common projects of the EU and UN, Canadian agency of international development, TheBleyzerFoundation (incl. the fund President – Michael Bleyzer); and also ambassadors extraordinaire and plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey.


AGROPORT-2014 is the first branch forum of family farming development in Ukraine. Target audience is farmers, agricultural companies, suppliers of raw material and equipment for agriculture, investment companies, financial structures, specialized national establishments and departments. Also representatives of the UN and FAO (Food and agricultural organization) have been invited to take part in the event.

The strategic partner is International airport “Kharkiv” (http://hrk.aero/) – one of the key objects of Slobozhanshchina capital, reconstructed in preparation for the finals of European Football Championship in 2012. Sizes of a new runway are 2500 х 45 m. Start of large-scale project was given on April 1, 2008, when New Systems AM LLC (a group of DCH, the owner – a well-known Ukrainian businessman, investor and general coordinator of Kharkiv’s preparations for Euro 2012, in 2005-2012 – the president of FC Metalist Alexander Yaroslavsky) won the competition for a long-term rent of the integral property complex of Kharkiv airport.
Reconstruction of International airport “Kharkiv” was made in the format of public-private partnership. The total investment to the project made by Alexander Yaroslavsky was $ 107.2 million (airport terminal and surrounding areas).

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