International airport “Kharkov” demonstrates consistently stable passenger traffic

In November 2012 International airport “Kharkov” served 38 700 passengers (29 000 on international flights and 9 000 – on domestic). In whole during 11 months of current year 464 500 passengers used Kharkov airport services, that is 59% more than in 2011. According to Vladyslav Ilyin, Head of commercial department of New Systems AM (the operator company of International Airport “Kharkov” belongs to DCH group headed by Alexander Yaroslavsky), the tendency that there are more passengers on international flights is preserved, at the same time there is significant passenger traffic increase on both destinations. Traffic volume on international flights from January to November 2012 was 366 900 passengers (66.8% more than in 2011), on domestic flights – 97 600 (+34%). Such correlation probably will be the same in the near future – due to active development of new international destinations.

The same situation is with the flight statistic. From the beginning of the year the general number of departures was 4778 (that is 28.6% more than in 2011), among them 2795 (+43.5%) – international and 1983 (+12.2%) – domestic.

It is obviously that positive dynamic of passenger traffic and flight number increase, which International airport “Kharkov” demonstrated in 2011, is preserved and in 2012. Passenger traffic peak was in summer months (also due to Euro-2012), however passenger traffic and flight increase has been fixing during the whole year. In particular, in November the general number of flights was 429 (47.9% more than in November 2011), among them 222 international (+61%) and 207 domestic (+36%).