Construction of new airport terminal in Kharkiv is almost completed. There are only finishing works left. The new terminal will serve both the international and domestic flights. In this case the old terminal, which is located nearby, will operate as a VIP-terminal.

The new runway of Kharkiv airport: a layer of earth was removed, the process of concreting started. The length of the new runway will make 2,5 thousand meters, which will allow without restrictions, to take all medium-range aircrafts. Kharkiv decided to build a new runway. This makes it possible not to close the airport and carry out work without restrictions on the arrival/departures of aircrafts.

Construction of a new apron at the new terminal is almost completed. There were only slight improvement, for example, raising the platform near the terminal. At the initial stage of operation, the passengers will be transported to the aircraft by bus/foot. However, the terminal has 3 outputs to the aircraft through the air bridges.

Externally, the terminal looks ready, but the inside still working.

The general waiting room and registration: escalators and elevators were already installed. The process of decorating is still going.

Arrivals area: passport control stands will be installed on the metal structures. Also two baggage carousels were set.

In the new airport terminal in Kharkiv there will be installed only two escalators and 4 elevators. The process of installing racks airlines has already begun.

Registration area will be divided into the area of registration of international flights and domestic registration zone. Check-in counters will be placed under the decorative wooden panels.

Arrivals area of domestic flights: a luggage carousel will be used to the baggage.

Zone control for departing passengers on international flights: there will be the control of aviation security, passport control stands and customs control. Near the control there will be a few shops and cafes.

Departure hall: installed glass partitions. Their function is to separate the passengers departing on international flights from the passengers who fly domestic flights.

The new terminal will open in August for incoming and outgoing passengers of domestic flights and will operate in test mode. The area in front of the terminal provides parking for cars, buses.