The runway of International airport “Kharkiv” has passed an important “strength test”. On 7 August the military transport  plane АN-124 “Ruslan” landed at our airport. It is the biggest plane we had in International airport “Kharkiv”. Maximum take-off mass of AN-124 is 392 tonnes. Such airplanes are used for carrying large, heavy military and civil goods. Once there was set a world record on AN-124, also in weight-lift (171219 kg at the altitude 10750 m).

AN-124 of Russian air company “Polyot” (“Flight”) arrived from Baku to carry the broken plane  Beechcraft B200 King Air to Germany for its maintenance. The same day after loading AN-124 “Ruslan” departed to Berlin.

Background: the runway of International airport “Kharkiv” was reconstructed within Kharkiv Om du skulle vinna pa ett som ar licensierat utanfor EU sa ska du deklarera dina vinster som inkomst av kapital, och skattesatsen ar 30%. preparation for Euro-2012. Nowadays its length is 2500 m, wideness – 45 m.