The airdrome of International airport “Kharkiv” has received a certificate of the ICAO’s second category (ILS CAT II) on both courses. ICAO,  International Civil Aviation Organization, is a specialized United Nations establishment, which sets international standards for civil aviation and coordinates its development to improve safety and effectiveness.

ICAO’s second category certification allows aircraft to use the airport runway under adverse weather conditions: now there is a possibility to take off and land at a Runway Visual Range (RVR) of more than 350 meters and a Decision Height (DH) of more than 30 meters. ILS equipment of the second category was installed at Kharkiv airport in 2012 as part of the preparation for the Euro-2012. Firstly, in November 2012, the new runway was certified for the first category (RVR – 800 meters, DH – 60 meters).

According to Vasilchenko Vladimir Valerjevich, CEO of International airport “Kharkiv”: “ICAO’s second category certification became an important step for the airport development, because it significantly extends the possibilities of aircraft take offs and landings at Kharkiv airport. Quantity of potential flight delays or cancellations due to weather conditions will reduce, that is actual during winter season and especially in climate instability of last years”.