On 13 January in the morning hours 3 charter flights with ethnic Polanders on board departed from International airport “Kharkiv” to Poland. The initiator of the evacuation was Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Kharkiv. During December 2014 the representatives of Polish nationality who live in Donbass and want to leave the zone of military conflict, could inform the Consulate General about their wish. According to the Consulate General data, the quantity of people who had to be evacuated was 178. In whole 5 charters flights are operated to Poland from Kharkiv airport, 2 more flights are planned during afternoon.
“We are honestly grateful to local administration and also management and workers of Kharkiv airport for every assistance in evacuation, it wouldn’t be possible without it, thank you”, — the representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Poland, Marcin Wojciechowski underlined.