Poultry farming and rabbit breeding are traditionally important branches of national agribusiness. But if poultry farming develops dynamically and systematically in Ukraine, rabbit breeding will only return to the development level of the years before 2002 (after it brought from abroad illnesses killed 99% of rabbits).

That’s why the organizers of AGROPORT-2014 forum held in Kharkiv dedicated a separate section Rabbit breeding as an alternative way of animal farming: from auxiliary branch to the main one for market movement to this problem, as a part of  AGRO-VET&ZOO Creation and development of Poultry farming and rabbit breeding.

The speakers are:

  • Evgeniy Maklyakov, practicing rabbit breeder, the President of Voluntary Association of rabbit breeders;
  • Dmitriy Titarenko, an official representative of Fermer.ru in Ukraine;
  • Alexey Gonchar, Master of Agriculture, Deputy Director for Science Experiment Station Cherkasy bioresources NAAS ;
  • Aleksandr Masyuk, Head of Animal Farming Department of Agroindustrial Development Department of Kharkiv State Regional Administration, and others;
  • Victor Chichikalo, a veterinarian, a technical specialist of Enterprise Sanitary Department;
  • ·    Eugene Shevchenko, Master of Agriculture, Senior research scientist of Biodiversity and Ecology Department of Science Experiment Station Cherkasy bioresources NAAS;
  • ·    Stanislav Bolibok, Director of production company Agroex (Green Feed TM);
  • Natalia Platonova, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, VETECO company.

The following topics will be discussed:

–   strategy of rabbit breeding development in Ukraine;

–   rabbit breeding is a weekday business. Effective planning;

–   master class: Special techniques when disinfection performing in rabbit farms – from private  to large ones.

Individual attention will be paid to the initiatives of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine – including the strategy of rabbit breeding development in the period till 2014 and experience of successful branch projects (e.g. general partner of the conference Makrol TM – the project of effective solutions for rabbit breeders-beginners and those who decided to modernize its production).

Also the topic Veterinary aspects in poultry farming will be discussed.

The conference is held on 18 October 2014 from 9 a.m. till 1.30 p.m. on the territory of International airport “Kharkiv”.

After the event the press conference is held at 2 p.m.


For detailed information:

e-mail: press@aviabrand.com.ua

Anna Stetsenko

Mob.: 067-403-17-69, 050-357-19-06

Victoria Kochevenko

Моb.: 097-908-75-38, 050-441-80-66



AGROPORT-2014 (www.agro-port.com) is the first branch forum of family farming development in Ukraine. Target audience is farmers, agricultural companies, suppliers of raw material and equipment for agriculture, investment companies, financial structures, specialized national establishments and departments. Also representatives of the UN and FAO (Food and agricultural organization) have been invited to take part in the event.

The strategic partner is International airport “Kharkiv” (https://hrk.aero/) – one of the key objects of Slobozhanshchina capital, reconstructed in preparation for the finals of European Football Championship in 2012. Sizes of a new runway are 2500 х 45 m. Start of large-scale project was given on April 1, 2008, when New Systems AM LLC (a group of DCH, the owner – a well-known Ukrainian businessman, investor and general coordinator of Kharkiv’s preparations for Euro 2012, in 2005-2012 – the president of FC Metalist Alexander Yaroslavsky) won the competition for a long-term rent of the integral property complex of Kharkiv airport.
Reconstruction of International airport “Kharkiv” was made in the format of public-private partnership. The total investment to the project made by Alexander Yaroslavsky was $ 107.2 million (airport terminal and surrounding areas).

The amount of funding allocated from the State budget for the reconstruction of the airport complex (including construction and airfield control tower) – $ 191.3 million.