18 October 2013 SOE Ukraerorukh opened an ultramodern Air traffic control center. Equipment of the new complex is one of the most modern in Eastern Europe and surpasses existing in Ukraine objects of the same specialization.

Kharkiv Air traffic control center is a 10-storeyed complex including an airdrome control center and a unique 45-m airdrome control tower. On the 1st floor there is a first-aid room and a briefing room, on the second one – a radio operator and an automation complex specializing on data collection and analysis. Several floors are occupied by air traffic control service. The hall of air traffic control with vision angle of 360 degrees is situated on the 10th floor. Specialists are sure that start-up of the air traffic control center will allow all airport services to improve their coordination and operation quality and as a result to improve flight security. Moreover, due to new technical possibilities the airport acceptance rate also will increase.

Vice prime minister of Ukraine Alexander Vilkul, Head of Kharkiv regional public administration Mikhail Dobkin, Chairman of regional Soviet Sergey Chernov, SEO of SOE Ukraerorukh Uriy Cherednichenko, SEO of New Systems LLC (International airport “Kharkiv”) Vladimir Vasilchenko, all of them took part in the opening ceremony of the Air traffic control center. Speaking at the opening, Alexander Vilkul underlined the importance of such a step not only for Kharkiv airport, but also for Ukraine in whole. He noticed that flight security on higher level leads Ukraine to better positions on international air carriages market. , – заявил директор «Украэроруха». Огромную значимость нового центра управления полетами для Международного аэропорта «Харьков» отметил и Владимир Васильченко. “We’ve entered final straight to signing of an agreement “Open skies” with EU. This one is very important for our country, because it will lead to growth of number of companies which will fly in Ukraine. Also we will have an opportunity to create new work positions, it means that quality service will improve and ticket prices will be lower.” Uriy Cherednichenko gave attention to the equipment of the object. “In Kharkiv we open the most modern control tower in Ukraine and it will allow us to decide all questions about flight following for the next 50 years” – told SEO of Ukraerorukh. The great role of the new air traffic control center for International airport “Kharkiv” was highlighted by Vladimir Vasilchenko. “We actively work at the airport development, expand its flight geography and increase its passenger traffic. In modern conditions all these is impossible without high level of flight security providence. That is why, opening of such center is a primary need for Kharkiv airport », – he resumed..