Despite hard weather conditions, and due to the active and well-coordinated work of the airport team, on 17.01.2016 almost all flights to/from Kharkiv were operated according to the schedule.

As from morning18.01.2016 airport continues operating according to the schedule.

The exception are the flights towards 2 destinations, which were cancelled/delayed:

• PS 793 Kharkiv-Tel-Aviv (UIA), delayed till 18.01.2016

• PS 794 Tel-Aviv-Kharkiv (UIA), delayed till 18.01.2016
• PC 751/750 Istanbul-Kharkiv-Istanbul (Pegasus), cancelled

*flight Z6 375/376 Ivano-Frankivsk-Kharkiv-Ivano-Frankivsk (Dniproavia) is cancelled due to internal airline procedures

Passengers of cancelled flights should contact the seller of their tickets and the representative of the airlines regarding the return/exchange of the tickets.

Best regards,
Kharkiv International Airport