The owner and president of DCH group Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy was recently interviewed by an authoritative weekly “Business”, in which the businessman told about all his investments and projects. Kharkiv citizens know and respect Yaroslavskyy for his contribution to the development of sports and urban infrastructure, and some time ago the investor acquired controlling shares in a number of industrial facilities.

Kharkiv International Airport is one of such projects, it has begun its “second life” in 2012 and became one of the key objects of the city, reconstructed in preparation for the European Football Championship. Reconstruction started in 2008 in the format of private-state partnership, and now the company “New Systems AM” headed by Yaroslavskyy manages the facility.

Since then, the airport has faced problems related to the economic situation in the country, but recently the company has managed not only to regain its former turnover, but also to surpass its most successful results – according to the results of May, Kharkiv International Airport served a record number of passengers – 84.3 thousand people.

Commenting on this, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy noted: “This success is the result of professional hard work. I would like to say that the record reached is only temporary. We plan to increase the passenger traffic at least three times. The main focus is on management. We are introducing more and more new services for passengers, we are negotiating to attract foreign air carriers. Generally speaking, taking into account all the circumstances, Kharkiv International Airport has no equals in Europe. Both domestic industry representatives and foreign ones know it.”

Demonstrating his usual formal and thorough approach, the businessman specified that any success depends primarily on external economic factors, on changes in the social situation in the country for the better. Yaroslavskyy expressed hope that the situation in the state will improve, thereby giving people the opportunity to earn more, and to travel by air more often.

Answering a question about whether the current development of the airport is an accident, the investor noted: “Administrative tactics is not static. It is constantly changing and adapting to the current situation. And I am sure that it was thanks to the successful management that the airport’s performance became this efficient. So there are no coincidences in this case. This is strictly a result of exclusively professional and well-coordinated work of the team.”

During an active summer and, accordingly, during the holiday season, Kharkiv International Airport continues to show its best performance, not forgetting about the quality of service. However, the employees of all services are solid that there is no point on dwelling on the achieved success, and are already actively working to attract more and more new companies, to expand the list of flights and to improve the quality of work of all departments – all in order to justify the trust of their favorite passengers. Read the interview with Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy here, and all the airport news, as usual, are available in social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and on the official website. Fly from home – fly with comfort!