Aviation Security Training Center

Kharkiv International Airport has been training aviation security specialists since 2014. The task of our Training Center is to provide conditions for continuous personnel teaching and training taking into account the legislation of Ukraine and the requirements of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference).

The classes are conducted by experienced and certified instructors. They are current employees of the airport, so they constantly improve their competence, supplement training materials with modern data and give examples from the practice. The training combines lectures and simulations of different situations to make the process the most effective. The instructors also use educational materials, presentations and visual aids while holding the classes.

After completing the course and passing the exams, you will receive state-recognized certificate approved by the State Aviation Service.

The center delivers eight courses for various aviation services. Duration of classes is 1-12 working days. All the courses meet national standards.

  1. Primary training of airport personnel and organizations that work in the field of civil aviation 

The course is designed for the airport personnel and organizations operating it. During the classes students get acquainted with the safety rules at the controlled and limited access areas.

Duration: 1 day.

  1. Basic training of specialists in the field of aviation security

The course is designed for the specialists who are responsible for aviation security at the airport. It allows to acquire basic knowledge and develop practical skills that are necessary for their profession.

Duration: 12 days.

  1. Training of patrolling and protection of the aircrafts and airports 

The course is designed for paramilitary security personnel, being a part of the aviation security service. It is aimed at acquisition of skills for:

  • access control to designated areas,
  • protection of controlled areas,
  • arrangement of access control procedure and internal regime,
  • patrolling the territory of civil aviation facilities.

Duration: 3 days. 

  1. Training of ground personnel

Basic aviation security course for ground handling personnel. It meets all legal and regulatory requirements and includes theoretical and practical classes.

Duration: 3 days.

  1. Training of airport personnel being responsible for cargo and mail security

Training in cargo handling, examination and escorting in accordance with the rules of the protected supply chain. The course is designed for the personnel being responsible for the safety of cargo, postal, courier and urgent dispatches.

Duration: 3 days.

  1. Training of the airline catering personnel

The course is designed for the personnel being responsible for receiving, preparing, loading and transporting of an airline meal. It helps to learn aviation enterprise safety rules, preventive measures and gain special knowledge to perform their duties.

Duration: 3 days.

  1. Training of engineering and technical service personnel

Special course on aviation security, aimed to develop a number of skills and abilities:

  • carrying out preventive security measures,
  • aircraft protection,
  • detecting the items and devices forbidden to be carried,
  • aircraft security search and inspection,
  • carrying out actions while crisis situations related to the acts of unlawful interference.

Duration: 3 days.

  1. Training of the general aviation pilots

 The course is intended to teach pilots a range of skills and abilities in the field of security:

  • detecting the items and devices forbidden to be carried,
  • aircraft security search and inspection,
  • carring out the actions while crisis situations related to the acts of unlawful interference,
  • the actions while illegal or uncontrolled situations on board aircraft.

Training material is formed according to national standards and modern requirements in the field of aviation security.

Duration: 3 days.

You need to send on e-mail:

  • a letter indicating the course name, date of its conducting and the number of candidates for training. The letter should be made on a letterhead, containing a chief executive’s signature and seal, as well as the indication “payment is guaranteed”.
  • an заявка.

You can get any information about the planned dates of the courses, the cost etc. by phone: +38 (057) 728-33-93.

The classroom is located on the second floor of “A” terminalof Kharkiv International Airport. It is fitted with comfortable furniture and air conditioners, as well as the necessary equipment for theoretical and practical classes:

  • computer equipment;
  • “Rapiscan” X-ray television equipment simulator;
  • stand with a set of training mines and grenades, improvised explosive devices, explosive items, various types of ammunition, firearms and edged weapons, stun guns;
  • information stands;
  • widescreen monitor;
  • projection device and screen.