On Christmas Eve, International Airport “Kharkiv” undertook the mission to present a little bit of magic and kindness to the inhabitants of Kharkiv regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children “Nadiya”. The orphanage is located quite far from the city, and therefore it’s not always possible to get there and to give these children some care.

At around 10am a shuttle bus with residents of “Nadiya” center and the team of teachers, headed by the director Natalia Posokhova, arrived at the airport. On site they were met by airport employees who have organized a tour of the entire complex, showing the exhibition planes and helicopters, as well as having accompanied the guests to the airfield.

“I can’t thank the people, who organized this trip, enough! – says the director of the center “Nadiya” Natalia Posokhova. – Our kids have gone through a lot already, they were deprived of parental love and care, for them any manifestation of care is a real joy. They will remember today’s experience for years to come.

We see different lives in our establishment, and we try to help all children, to guide them in life, to surround them with warmth, and it’s not without reason we are called “Nadiya” (“Hope”) – we are fully confident that every child must always have hope. And we try to give it to the children.

Today our kids got a huge load of positive emotions and joy, they were inspired and gained hope. In addition to the emotions, the children received gifts, and our center was given money for the purchase of two wardrobes. I’m thankful to Kharkiv airport, to all those who created a miracle for our kids, by organizing such a wonderful event! And, of course, I would like to invite all those who have the time and desire to come and visit us. ”

The tour ended with a visit to the restaurant “Polyot”, where the real Santa Claus and his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, met the children and that took care of the entertainment. At the end of the event, hosts presented their little guests with presents and invited them to the dining tables, which had already been served with dinner.

New Year’s holidays have always been associated with magic and miracles, and it is particularly important at this time of year to surround those who was deprived of love with warmth and care. International Airport “Kharkiv” wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and let there be a little bit of magic in every day. Be kind to one another!

See photos of the event here.