The company has been providing services of data processing center since 2015, it has vast competence in the matters of engineering integration, construction of IT-infrastructure. The company guarantees users’ data security and business continuity 24/7, 365 days a year. So far, more than 10 clients use the company’s data processing center services.

Data processing center guarantees 99,9% fail-safety, which amounts to no more than 9 hours of idle state a year in  time equivalent.  This is a high level of data security, which gives tolerable guarantees for operational continuity of engineering systems, electricity supply and security of data processing center facilities.

Area of the equipment room equals to 85 sq.m. Open stands are assembled for equipment placement. This room is scaled to fit 25 stands.  Average electrical capacity of one stand equals to 10 kW. General electrical supply capacity of data processing center equals to 300 kW.

Engineering infrastructure of data processing center includes:

  • conditioning for maintenance of temperature and humidity level in given parameters;
  • uninterruptible electrical power supply for autonomous work of data-center in case of disconnection of central electric power sources;
  • security and fire alarm system and gas suppression system; access control system.

According to TIA-942 standard, data processing center has the fourth security level (2(N+1) of data-centers:

  • There is a possibility to carry out any works without stopping work of the data-center;
  • raised floors are available;
  • engineering systems are double reserved. It means that they are doubled both as main and additional systems.
  • By classification of use data processing center of the company is considered as a commercial (outsourcing) company, providing services to everyone interested.

Also, data processing center of the company is provider-independent. It means that different companies can use its services in accordance with their needs.

Contact information:

1, Romashkina Str., Kharkiv, 61031, Ukraine
+38 057 728 32 14
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