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Are you getting ready for your trip from Kharkiv Airport and having questions connected with your trip? Here below we prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You can reach any place of the world by direct flights or make connecting flights in the biggest hubs of Europe.  You can get familiarized with a list of direct flights from the airport and their schedule on the page «Direct flights».

There is an online board on the site of Kharkiv Airport. It shows information about current status of flights identical to the information displayed on the monitors at the airport.  You can go to the page «Online board»in order to find out the status of your flight.

The airlines distinguish two types of the passenger’s baggage:

  • hand baggage which can be taken onboard the plane free of charge;
  • checked baggage which is delivered at the aircraft baggage compartment.

Different air companies have different baggage allowance. Usually, hand baggage is delivered free of charge, but more and more air companies, including the ones flying from Kharkov airport, establish baggage fee to the cheapest tickets of economy class.  You should check information in your electronic ticket in order to know if it includes free hand baggage.

You can receive additional information on conditions of hand and checked baggage transportation as well as order excess baggage transportation at the air company which operates the flight. The contact details of the air companies are on the page «Baggage transportation and hand luggage».

The air companies bear limited liability for the baggage, in this connection, it is advisable to put all the valuables in the hand luggage. On arriving, in the case you do not find your suitcase on a baggage conveyor belt, you should contact the Lost&Found office to document this fact.

You can check a status of lost baggage tracing on the phone +38 050 382 86 53 within 24 hours.

You can read more detailed information in the section «Loss of baggage».

Parents who travel with children under 7 years old can spend time in the room for mothers and children. This room is equipped with a bedroom, an activity room, a kitchen and toilet facility with shower.

Passengers who have a baby carriage for their child can use it until the boarding. Terminal A of Kharkiv Airport is equipped with elevators in order to ensure mobility of passengers with baby carriages. Directly before going onboard the plane you must fold the baby carriage and give it to the staff and it will be placed at the baggage compartment of the aircraft. You will have your baby carriage back on arrival at the ramp.

You can find more detailed information on the page «Departing with children».

Transportation of animals is a special service which can be provided by the air companies. This service should be ordered in advance when booking a flight ticket. For this purpose you should get in touch with the agency at which you want to draw up a ticket or with the air company which operates the flight. Some air companies allow transporting animals only in the cabin of the aircraft and it places restrictions on weight and size of the animal. In the case the air company allows to transport big animals, they will be transported in the heated hermetically sealed baggage compartments of the aircrafts.

The air company reserves the right not to coordinate transportation of the animal or deny transportation of the animal in the case a passenger has got incomplete package of documents required in this case according to the Ukrainian and/or international legislation, as well as due to other reasons.

You can clarify additional information about transportation of your pet on the page «Travelling with pets».

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