At Kharkiv Airport, there is a station for taking samples for PCR testing carried out by specialists of an accredited laboratory.

The place of sample taking: ticket offices no. 2 and 20, Terminal A ground floor.
Working hours: 24/7.

• PCR test after arrival for all citizens of Ukraine: 1,000 UAH.
• PCR test for departure to Egypt: 1,000 UAH.
• PCR test for flights to other countries: 1,400 UAH — adults, 1,100 UAH— children under 16 years old.
• Express analysis for the determination of antigen: 700 UAH.
You can pay for the service in cash or by credit card.

You can pay for the service in cash or by bank card.


+38 (063) 905-99-91 from 8:00 AM till 20:00 PM

+38 (063) 192-85-92 from 20:00 PM till 8:00 AM

On August 5, 2021, new rules of entry into the country came into force for both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. This is recorded in Resolution No. 787 of July 28, 2021.

Foreign citizens, citizens of Ukraine and non-residents with the right of permanent residence in Ukraine at the age of 18 who have not completed the full course of vaccination against COVID-19, upon arrival in Ukraine, must go through 10 days of self-isolation using the Vdoma application.

It can be completed ahead of schedule if a PCR test or a rapid test for SARS-CoV antigen is already done in Ukraine. More information you can find by the link.


It depends on the particular country’s rules. Visit the following websites to learn more:

  1. The portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The interactive world map contains up-to-date information on visas, permits, and entry restrictions in all countries for citizens of Ukraine under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.
To view information about a country, click on it on the map and select the desired section:

  • Temporary entry regime.
  • Temporary transit regime.
  • Special details on the country.
  • Contacts of embassies and consulates. 
  1. IATA Travel Centre

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) created an interactive world map containing all the restrictions imposed by states.
It also has an online service which provides information on the documents required for travelling to a specific country. To do this, select the destination country and enter your travel details.

  1. Embassies and consulates

The most up-to-date information on border crossing rules is available at the embassies and consulates of the destination country located in the host country.
You can find contacts of foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine at the link.

PCR testing involves taking a swab sample from your nasal and pharyngeal mucosa and therefore you aren’t recommended to do the following before testing:

24 hours before

  • Drink alcohol.

6 hours before

  • Take medicines for nasopharyngeal irrigation (drops or sprays).
  • Use fast disintegrating tablets.

 4 hours before

  • Chew gum or eat candies.
  • Brush your teeth as well as gargle your throat or mouth.
  • Eat or drink.
  • Smoke.

The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. You can speed it up if you fill out the questionnaire beforehand.

Your results will be ready within 6–24 hours. You can receive your result via email or at the airport.