Customs control

The passengers who arrive at the Airport “Kharkiv” should pass through customs control.

A passenger can go through “green corridor” if he or she carries the following items in his/her hand luggage and/or baggage:

Personal belongings

  • individual and personal belongings, showing the signs of use (wear):  personal hygiene products, make-up, clothes, underwear, footwear, stationaries
    0.5 l of eau de toilette and/or 100 ml of perfume
    healthcare products for a person’s life support and control over his state of health, compounded drugs
  • a single item of the following products: photo camera, film camera, video camera, screen projection unit, binocular, playback hardware (including tape recorder, Dictaphone, CD-player, etc.), radio, TV, typewriter, wheelchair, baby carriage, sport equipment
  • up to two items of the following products: mobile phones, beeper, portable musical instruments, laptop computers, calculators,  e-books, watches
  • up to three items of the following products: memory sticks.

Goods (apart from the excise ones), the aggregate value of which does not exceed an equivalent of 1,000.00 Euro

Cash, the amount of which does not exceed an equivalent of 10,000.00 Euro

Alcoholic drinks (maximum duty-free allowance of alcohol per a passenger aged 18 and older): 1 l of strong drinks (more than 22% of alcohol), 2 l of wine and 5 l of beer

Tobacco products (maximum duty-free allowance of tobacco products per a passenger aged 18 and older): 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco or totally not more than 250 g.

Food products: total value of food products is up to 200 Euro, packaged goods – 1 package or up to 2 kg of each item, without package – up to 2 kg of each item, indivisible, ready-to-eat product – 1 piece of each item.

Please, pay attention: allowance for passing through “green channel is valid once every 24 hours.

The passengers should go through “red corridor” with obligatory filling in a customs declaration form, if they bring the following goods and/or currency values:

  • Cash in the amount exceeding an equivalent of 10 000 Euro
  • Banking metals in a form of bullions and coins
  • Goods in the volumes subject to tax, in the amount exceeding an equivalent of 1 000 Euro
  • Goods of the passengers who entry more than once during 24 hours
  • Goods subject to state registration
  • Pet animals
  • Cultural valuables, objects of antiques and art
  • Unattended baggage with the value more than 150 Euro

Goods of food category, of vegetable and animal origin, apart from alcohol drinks, tobacco products and food products in the volumes permitted for entry through “green corridor” and pet animals, are prohibited imports into Ukraine.

The passengers under 18 years old are not allowed to import alcohol drinks and tobacco products into Ukraine.

You can read more about customs control regulations for entry into Ukraine in Chapter 55 “Entry and taxation of the goods being imported (sent) by the citizens into the customs area of Ukraine” of the Customs Code of Ukraine


Customs control provides for passing through green or red corridor depending on what items and goods passenger carry