Customs control

Upon departure from the airport “Kharkiv”, international flight passengers need to go through customs control. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, passenger can use “green corridor”, unless they carry the following goods and/or currency valuables.

Passenger should choose “red corridor” and fill in declaration form if they carry the following goods and/or currency valuables:

  • Cash in the amount more than 10 000 euro
  • Bullions in form of bars and bullion coins
  • Goods with total sum of 10 000 euro
  • Goods, which need admittance from other state authorities
  • Goods, which are liable to export duties
  • Cultural valuables, objects of antiques and art

Please note that passengers under 18 years old cannot export alcoholic drinks and tobacco goods outside the customs territory of Ukraine.

Full information about regulations of customs formalities upon departing from Ukraine is specified in Chapter 54 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

You can read the list of goods, export (transfer) of which is not allowed outside of the border of the customs territory of Ukraine, in the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine under No. 468 dd. May 28, 2012.

Customs control provides for passing through green or red corridor depending on what items and goods passenger carry