On Friday, 26 April, DCH group representatives held an informational meeting for the representatives of Organizing Committee for winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. The meeting was on basis of International airport “Kharkov”.

The main goal of the meeting was to share our unique experience gained during the preparation and holding of Euro-2012 in Kharkov. The main topics were the organization of passenger flow in terminals and at the landside. Among other things the team of International airport “Kharkov” pointed:

  • the organization of passenger reverse movement in the terminal – usage of arrival halls for departing passenger servicing – due to this the terminal capacity was increased and this is the innovation in such situations;
  • the volunteers engaged in providing of aviation security control point operation for the terminal capacity increase;
  • the arriving transport coordination to the landside and also correct distributing of passenger flows.

Let us remind that it is not the first meeting of DCH representatives with the Organizing Committee for Olympic Games 2014. In particular Vladimir Vasilchenko, CEO of New Systems AM (the operator company of International Airport “Kharkov” belongs to DCH group headed by Alexander Yaroslavsky) has already visited the objects of the future tournament.

Based on the results of Euro-2012 of the first capital Russian side told about its interest in usage of Kharkov experience in preparation for great international competition. In particular, after visiting Ukraine one of the top managers of the aviation industry of Russian Federation told about that opportunity because he saw the well coordinated team work of different services of International airport “Kharkov” on the day of match between Netherlands and Germany. As known, during Euro-2012 Kharkov matches from 8 to 18 June the airport served 750 departures and arrivals of aircraft with 52 500 passengers on board. It is 3 times more flights and almost 4.5 times more intensive passenger flow than at standard conditions during the same period of time. Therewith all regular flights were operated without any delay even during the peak passenger flow of Euro 2012. In the end of the tournament the airport received letters of appreciation from air carriers of Europe, among them Jet Time Airlines (Denmark), Eurolot Airlines (Poland), Arkefly Airlines (Netherlands) etc.

“The preparation of aviation infrastructure for the Olympic games 2014 in Sochi is on schedule, the impressions about the process of tournament preparation are the most pleasant and the forecasts are absolutely optimistic. As concerns DCH group assistance to the organizers of Russian resort preparation for winter Olympic games it consists not only in transfer of experience but also in providing of organizational, technical and consultative assistance to our partners  – underlined Vladimir Vasilchenko. – Among other things as an outsourser we work with tour operators and air companies”.

As known, XXII winter Olympic games are hold in Sochi (Russian Federation) from 7 to 23 February 2014. The capital of the Olympic games Sochi 2014 was selected at the 119th session of IOC in Guatemala. These are the second Olympic games held at Russian territory (there were XXII summer Olympic games in 1980 in Moscow), and the first winter Olympics.