Kharkov airport has prepared another summer destination! We present the seasonal flight to Burgas (Bulgaria). This is yet another beautiful addition to the set of options for summer vacations representing another beautiful country with a rich history and European hospitality.

Bulgaria needs no introductions – its resorts have long been known both in Ukraine and throughout Europe: an excellent combination of price and quality, a high level of European service, picturesque nature, and convenient infrastructure. But the very direct flight Kharkiv-Bourgas will greatly simplify the communication between our two countries and save the travelers’ time – isn’t it a guarantee of a successful trip? Bourgas is great for holidays with children, however, adults will also have something to do here: from lying on the beach, to active sports.

Tours with a direct flight from the tour operator TPG are available for purchase right now, and the first flight is scheduled for June 23. Until September, every Friday Kharkiv citizens will be able to reach the biggest city of Bulgaria in just a couple of hours and enjoy a quiet and affordable summer holiday. Bravo Airways services the flight, so the comfort is taken care of.

Hurry up to book tours to sunny Burgas by phone +38 067 577 74 24, +38 067 575 63 73, and do not forget to share your travel experiences with us on Airport’s official social media Facebook and Instagram.