First time flying

Departures and arrivals of domestic and international flights are serviced in terminal A at the airport “Kharkiv”. Before entering the building you need to go through preliminary aviation security control. After that you enter check-in hall.

Here at check-in desks you can get your boarding pass and check-in your baggage. Please take note of the number of boarding gate. Before that you can wrap your belongings into protective film at extra cost. To find out what check-in desk operates your flight, look at information displays.

While waiting at the airport “Kharkiv”, passengers can grab a snack at one of cafes located next to check-in area.

Departure – domestic flights

Handling of departing passengers on domestic flights is carried out on the second floor in the right wing of terminal A. Before boarding the plane you need to go through aviation security control.

Departure international flights

Departure area for international flights is located on the second floor in the left wing of terminal A. Passengers, departing from the airport “Kharkiv” abroad, go through departure formalities using the following procedure:

After going through departure formalities, you can shop at Duty Free. You can also eat at “Aviator” café, where you can order food and drinks to take on your flight.

On board of the airplane

Smoking is prohibited on airplanes of all airline companies, departing from the airport “Kharkiv”. Passengers, who violate this rule, bear liability in accordance with Ukrainian and international legislation.

All passengers must wear seatbelts during take-off and landing. It is also recommended to keep seatbelts on throughout the whole flight is case of an unexpected turbulence.

To complete departure formalities you have to come to the airport 2 hours prior to departure time