For people with disabilities

The Airport “Kharkiv” is fully equipped to provide comfort for disabled passengers and other groups with restricted mobility. We take into consideration all your needs at all service stages.

Special parking spaces are provided at the car park. The airport terminal area is adapted for getting around easily; all terminal entrances and exits are equipped with ramps. We also care about comfort of the passengers during their stay at the airport, whether it is waiting for the flight, registration or landing.

Terminal floors are connected by elevators in all areas, lavatories for people with special needs are available. Terminal A is equipped with two passenger boarding bridges which allow getting on board straight from the departure lounge. In the event when the aircraft service is carried out on a separate parking area, passengers with disabilities will be taken on board by low floor buses equipped with ramps.

The Airport “Kharkiv” has sufficient number of free wheelchairs of special construction which help passengers move around the airport, during boarding and on board. If you are using your own wheelchair, it will be placed in the aircraft baggage area after your boarding and given back to you upon arrival at the airstairs.

Information about flight arrivals and departures, time of check-in and close-out is displayed on information board and reproduced via voice announcement.

If you need assistance and escort during your stay at the airport, you should inform about it upon booking your ticket or contact the airline’s representative office no later than 48 hours before departure (contacts).

Upon arrival at the airport you can ask for passenger escort at the information or registration desk.

Medical post at the terminal works 24/7, its employees provide medical first aid in a competent manner.

Please, inform us no less than 48 hours prior to the departure if you require assistance and escort services during your stay at the Airport “Kharkiv”.