From 30 May 2015 Kharkiv International Airport together with the leading Greek tour operator Mоuzenidis Travel resumes seasonal flights between Kharkiv and Saloniki (Greece). Flights are operated by Greek Ellinair by BAe RJ-85. Flight regularity is once weekly, on Saturday. Passengers will surely appreciate not only the service level, but also convenient flight schedule. Departure from Kharkiv is at 01:00 p.m., arrival to Saloniki International Airport is at 03:55 p.m. (timezone is like ours). Return flight: from Saloniki – at 9:15 a.m., arrival to Kharkiv – at 12 p.m. Flight duration is approximately 2 h 50 min.

The direct flight between Kharkiv and Saloniki will be operated till 3 October 2015.

Tickets can be bought at Ticket offices of Kharkiv International Airport.

Terminal А:

Tel/fax: +38 057-728-32-84

Mob: +38 067-577-74-24

e-mail: ticket@hrk.aero

City office: 2, Pravdy Av.

Kharkiv Palace Hotel, 1fl.

Tel/fax: +38 057-766-44-26

Mob: +38 067-575-63-73

e-mail: city_ticket@hrk.aero

To book a tour to Saloniki please refer to the company Mоuzenidis Travel

24, Lenina Av., office 2

Tel: +380 (57) 765-55-99