Immigration control

All foreign nationals and stateless persons entering the territory of Ukraine are obliged to go through the check-in.

Immigration card is issued free of charge at the state border checkpoint, and during the passport control the appropriate stamp is sealed in this card.

After registration the card is divided into two parts, one of which is kept by the foreign citizen for the whole period of stay in the territory of Ukraine. Another part of the immigration card, “Departure”, is kept by the foreigner for the entire duration of the check-in. The card is returned to border guards when leaving the country at crossing points of the State border of Ukraine.

For the foreigners who cross the border on internal passports the check-in mark shall be put in the immigration card only.

For the foreigners who cross the border on foreign passports the check-in mark shall be put both in the passport and immigration card.

Loss of the immigration card does not entail any penalties. In case of loss with the help of a common computer system the part of “Arrival” of the immigration card will be restored, and the citizen will continue to move freely along his route.

Travelling through the territory of Ukraine does not require any additional registration. For foreigners entering Ukraine on visas, border guards will put a stamp about border crossing in their international passports. Registration period for citizensс with visa-free entry is 90 days, for citizens with visa regulations on the entry this term is for the validity of the visa, but not more than six months.

Rules of filling in the immigration card

  1. Immigration card is filled in personally by a foreigner or by an accompanying person. And it is filled in separately for each person inscribed in the passport, and it crosses the border together with the owner of this document at Ukrainian Consulates or directly at the airport.
  2. The representatives of the service issuing the immigration card to a foreigner, if necessary, are obliged to explain the procedure of its completion.
  3. The immigration card of a foreigner is filled in block letters in Latin or Ukrainian, identical in its both parts. The card is filled in with black or blue ink.
  4. Points “Birth Date”, ”Passport number”, “Visa number”, “Year of birth of children”,  “Vehicle (flight) number” are filled in with Arabic figures.
  5. Having filled points 1-11 of the “Arrival” part and points 1-5 of the “Departure” part, the foreigner puts his personal signature in points 12 and 6 respectively.
  6. When filling in an immigration card of a foreigner in a Ukrainian Consulate abroad, if necessary, in the upper right corner of the “Arrival” part there can be attached a photograph of the foreigner.

Detailed information:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
(+38 044) 238-15-50

All foreign citizens must fill the immigration card when crossing the Ukrainian border at the airport and keep it until leaving Ukraine