Cabinet has increased the investment in the Kharkiv airport up to a billion hryvnia. They decided not to reconstruct the runway, but to build a new one – concrete one. Old at the time the final of Euro 2012 will be used as a parking area for aircrafts. Employees of the terminal say: this will help Kharkiv air gate to increase capacity and provide greater comfort for guests in several times.

The new runway in a length of two and a half kilometers will appear in the territory of the airport by the end of next year. Its construction has already begun. The main difference from the old one – the runway will be completely concrete without admixture of asphalt. According to Deputy Director General of the lessee of the Kharkiv Airport Vitaliy Nedashkovskiy, it will significantly increase its operational lines. It can be used for 25 years without repair.

Vitaliy Nedashkovskiy, Deputy Director of the lessee of International Airport “Kharkiv”: concrete runway, parking spaces and taxiways have a large carrying capacity, on which heavy aircrafts can lend without fear of force in coverage.

The construction of new concrete runway require much more money than previously planned, for the reconstruction of the old one. But the builders do not worry on this issue: a few days ago, Cabinet increased the amount of investment in the Kharkov airport. Now it is more than a billion hryvnia. Nearly 200 million the city had already received and began to use.

Vitaliy Nedashkovskiy, Deputy Director of the lessee of the International Airport “Kharkiv”: work in progress. This year we will put into operation a start-up complex: these are aprons and parking places. We”ve got 70-80% of work already completed. I think, in September and October we will start to exploit it. Wу have no claims to the state for now.

The works are not only done on the runways. The new terminal building is almost ready. We only need to finish the minor details, then arrange the furniture. The experts promise the opening to the end of August. e President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is expected to attend the terminal opening.


Julia Chernaya, Dmytro Chebotarev

“Kharkivski Visti”