At the Cabinet meeting on July 21 it was decided to increase the estimated cost of reconstruction of the airfield of the Kharkiv airport by UAH 350 million – up to UAH 1.0865 billion, that is associated with changes in the project (added trunk taxiway, etc.).

According to Deputy Director of the International airport “Kharkiv” Vitaliy Nedashkovskiy, a government-approved amount for purchase of equipment will be UAH 81.6 mln, construction works – UAH 759.5 mln, and “other expenses” will be funded at UAH 245 4 mln. If necessary, estimates can be further increased.

General Contractor for the reconstruction of the airfield, which is being financed from government budget, is Simferopol OJSC “Construction Management № 813”. By the end of next year, this company promises to put into operation a new runway length 2,5 km, taxiways, parking spaces for aircrafts, install blinker complex and equip rescue stations. The old runway will be used as additional parking for the aircrafts during the Euro 2012 and after football championship it will be reconstructed for the charter flights. UAH 228.8 million were allocated from the state budget.

The company New Systems AM reconstructs the passenger terminal, which is a member of Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy`s DCH group, and which two years ago won the competition to 49-year lease of the property complex Enterprise “International airport “Kharkiv”. In the summer of 2008 the construction of new terminal with capacity of 1.3 thousand passengers per hour, which is scheduled to deliver in August, was started. Then the reconstruction of the old terminal will begin, and by December next year, the capacity of this building will increase from the current 120 to 250 passengers per hour. “During Euro 2012 the old terminal will serve for the reception of teams and UEFA representatives and at the end of the championship it will serve the VIP-persons”, – said Vitaliy Nedashkovskiy. To ensure the necessary airport capacity during Euro 2012 matches in Kharkiv (2.5 thousand passengers per hour) there will be build a temporary terminal for a thousand passengers per hour. “This fast building can be used as a parking for small aircrafts after a tournament. Equipment for passenger service during the Euro 2012 is going to be rented”, – said Mr. Nedashkovskiy.

By early 2012 the modernization of the airport hotels will be completed and bus station and parking lot will be built. Total private investment is UAH 508.8 million, UAH 268.8 million of which have already been invested.

Elena Dospehova

Delovaya stolitsa from 26.07.2010 № 30/480