At year-end 2019, Kharkiv International Airport took the third place among the airports with annual air passenger traffic of up to five million passengers. The rating was released by Airports Council International Europe (ACI EUROPE). The air passenger traffic growth throughout the year ensured the high ratings. In 2019, Kharkiv Airport served 38.4% more people than in the previous reporting period. 

By December indicators, the airport was also included in the rating. The air passenger traffic increased by 45.9% in the said month compared to the same period in 2018. 

As a reminder, in 2019, the airport crossed the mark of one million passengers a year for the first time in recent history. The airport welcomed its millionth passenger in October. The same month showed record air passenger traffic: it increased by 70% and reached 140.5 thousand people. 

The most popular year’s destinations were Kyiv, Istanbul, Sharm el-Sheikh, Antalya, Warsaw, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Gdańsk, Wrocław, and Dortmund. In 2019, the airport began cooperating with Ryanair, Buta Airways, and Ernest Airlines and announced new flights almost every month.

It’s not the first time the airport is included in the European rating because of the air passenger traffic dynamics.