On June 8 at 2.30 PM a wide-bodied Airbus A330 landed at Kharkiv International Airport. It made the flight Sharm El Sheikh–Kharkiv on the order of the tour operator JoinUp. The airport did not accept such large aircraft on an ongoing basis since 2014. We are happy to announce that the passenger traffic is growing and more and more Kharkiv residents fly on holiday abroad.

The same day the plane made a return flight to the Egyptian city, with a full load. In the summer, JoinUp will book flights on this plane to Sharm El Sheikh twice a week.

A330 — passenger airplane from Airbus company, designed for medium and long distances. The first flight A330 took place on November 1, 1992, in the version A330-300. At Kharkiv International Airport has landed an aircraft for 330 seats, with a maximum takeoff weight of 233 tons.

We would like to remind that this summer JoinUp launched charter flights from Kharkiv to Barcelona, Rimini, Larnaca, Burgas, Tivat, Monastir, Antalya and Sharm El Sheikh.

Airbus A330 for 330 passengers will fly from Kharkiv to Sharm El Sheikh twice a week.