Kharkiv International Airport has started cooperating with IDEALIST COFFEE CO. It’s a Ukrainian coffee company specializing in roasting beans and operates a chain of 10 coffee bars and cafes around the country. Since May, one of them has been operating at Terminal A on the first floor of the international flight hall. The coffee bar is open around the clock, has 74 seats, and—besides coffee with different flavours—offers a full menu. The menu includes breakfasts served throughout the day, salads, soups, sandwiches, bowls, and desserts. Also, customers can buy coffee beans and disposable drip bags that are convenient on trips and ideal as gifts.

Serhii Koretskyi, the founder of IDEALIST COFFEE CO, has commented, ‘We have strong partnership relationships with farmers that grow coffee. Jointly, we ferment green beans and brown them using our own production capacities. We sell to B2B customers, brew coffee in our coffee bars, and ship our products to any part of the world. Our goal is to let everyone enjoy the high-quality taste of speciality coffee every day, regardless of where you are. That’s why we have opened a new coffee bar at Kharkiv International Airport.

Our team is willing to make the start of your travels tastier and the end of your business trips more enjoyable.

We’re planning to open IDEALIST points in the domestic flight hall and the waiting area on the ground floor shortly.

IDEALIST coffee bar is now open in the international flight hall.