In September 2021, passenger traffic at Kharkiv International Airport reached 142,800, up 59% year on year. As reported earlier, domestic and international flights were resumed as of September 2020. International flights carried 133,500 passengers in total, and domestic ones 9,300. The airport saw 587 flight departures in September, 26% up from September 2020’s 465. Antalya, Istanbul, Kyiv, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Bodrum were the most popular destinations.

Monthly passenger traffic (’000 people)

September 2020September 2021Total

Monthly flight departures

September 2020September 2021Change

Notable events in September

Among the notable events in September, Kharkiv Airport Run 2021, the third runway race held in the airport and Kharkiv Plane Spotting Day, an event for photographers, are worth mentioning. Also, a Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 airliner maintenance and repair facility was established on the territory of Kharkiv International Airport. The investment project worth EUR 24 million was presented by the representatives of the airport, the investor company, and city authorities. Under the project, one of the largest aircraft repair facilities in Ukraine will be constructed on the airport’s territory, creating 1,500 high-paying jobs.

 January-September 2021 performance

Nine-month traffic increased by 66% year-on-year. This time, 854,100 people were carried against 514,100 in January-September 2020.

Overall, 3,885 flight departures were seen over the three quarters of the year, including 2,493 international and 1,392 domestic ones. In January-September 2020, the figure was at 2,590.

Passenger traffic in January-September 2021 (‘000 people)

September 2020September 2021Change

Flight departures in January-September 2021


Available flights from Kharkiv 

Apart from resort destinations, direct flights were carried from Kharkiv to Berlin and Dortmund, Wroclaw, Gdansk, and Krakow, Istanbul and Tallinn, as well as other European and Eastern cities.

Flights to Marsa Alam have been launched as of early October. Those to Hurghada are slated to begin soon. The last seasonal flights in October will be bound to Antalya, Batumi, Bodrum, Dalaman, Heraklion, Larnaca, and Tivat. Flights to Sharm El-Sheikh will be carried all year round.

 In September, Kharkiv International Airport handled 142,800 people and 587 flight departures.