May 16th, at 3:00 PM the first charter flight to Barcelona took off from Kharkiv International Airport. The flights are carried out on Wednesdays, and will also be available on Saturdays from the beginning of June. Kharkiv residents have opened the season of summer holidays, and are already actively buying tours to different European cities and resort towns.

Kharkiv residents already have the direct flights from Kharkiv to Barcelona and Antalya. At the end of May, will open flights to Larnaca (Cyprus), and in June the flights to Amman (Jordan), Beirut (Lebanon), Tivat (Montenegro), Thessaloniki (Greece), Rimini (Italy), and Burgas (Bulgaria). All cities are located on the coast or very close to it. You can choose a vacation on the Black, Mediterranean, Adriatic, Balearic or the Dead Sea.

The mentioned cities are famous for their developed resort infrastructure, history, and culture. For all directions, you can choose a convenient date and price.

Look for tours with a flight from Kharkiv and enjoy your summer vacation!

In the summer, nine charter resort destinations will be available from the airport.