From January to October 425 800 passengers used International airport “Kharkov” services, that’s 54.6% more than in previous year. The main passenger flow increase was provided by international flights, says Vladyslav Ilyin, Head of commercial department of New Systems AM (the operator company of International Airport “Kharkov” belongs to DCH group headed by Alexander Yaroslavsky). So, at accounting period 337 900 people used airport services to go abroad. Flow of domestic carriage is also increasing, but according to the rates of increase it is behind the international flight rates – 87 900 people against 65 900 in previous year (+33.4%).

The same situation is about departure statistics. From the beginning of the year Kharkov airport served 2573 international flights (+42.2%) and 1776 domestic flights (+10.0%). The difference in relative indices is due to the fact that after the airdrome reconstruction Kharkov air gates got the possibility not only accommodate more flights but also work with heavier airplanes. In January-October 2011 average maximum airplane take-off weight was about 28.9 t, this year this index has increased up to 35.9 t (+24.3%).

It’s worth mentioning that the positive dynamic of passenger flow increase and flight quantity characterizes International airport “Kharkov” work during the whole year. The statistic records the increase of indices during all months, and October hasn’t been an exception. At this period the aviation enterprise served 479 departures (+24.7% to October of previous year), among them 247 – international (+18.8%), 232 – domestic (+31.8%). Herewith we managed to increase the passenger index in 3 times compared to the same month of 2011 – to 42 300 people.

Also indices of commercial cargo service (incl. mail) are growing. If in October of the previous year they were about 5 t, then the last month demonstrated double increase – 10 t. In the whole from January to October International airport “Kharkov” served 45 t of cargo, that is 12.5% more than in the previous year.