Loss of baggage

The airlines bear limited liability for loss and damage of baggage in accordance with the international and Ukrainian legislation.

In the case a suitcase of a passenger has been lost or damaged during the flight, the passenger, without leaving a baggage claim area, has to go to the “Lost&Found” office at the airport “Kharkiv” and write an application in the name of the air company.

Next, an officer of Lost&Found will give the passenger a copy of the lost or damage certificate.  As prescribed by the legislation, the air company has 20 days to make baggage tracing. Upon the expiry of this period the baggage is considered to be lost irretrievably.

You can inquire about a status of lost baggage that has not been arrived at the airport “Kharkiv” 24 hours a day by phone +380 50 3828653.

In the case your baggage has not been found within 20 days, you should send a written claim to the air company and attach the description of the content of your baggage and its value, and if any, copies of the bills for the items of the lost baggage.

If your baggage has been damaged, upon signing the relevant certificate in the “Lost&Found” office you should send a written claim to the air company with description of damage.

If your baggage has not arrived or is damaged, immediately contact Lost & Found office before leaving arrival area