On 7 August 2016 the first official meeting of spotters was held in Kharkiv International Airport.

Spotting is a modern hobby that is about overwatching aircraft and taking pictures of them. Firstly the main tools of such a ‘hunt’ were a binocular, a notebook and a pen, and in result – new knowledge and bright emotions. Nowadays the dream if any spotter is an unusual perspective and great shots. By the way as matter of engineering side aviation photography is one of the most difficult genres of photo art. To take a good shot you need not just a professional photo technique but also feeling of art, knowledge in aviation, compositions, photo editors etc.

In European airports spotters are treated loyally. In some of them there are even specially equipped spotter grounds with clear vision of an apron and runway. In Ukraine this movement was not taken seriously until recently. Just during recent years the relations between Ukrainian airports and spotters have been established on some level.

In particular Kharkiv International Airport from time to time organizes official spotting tours for local fans of aircraft shooting. But such a big spotter meeting will be held for the first time.

To register for the event please go to  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf48wnRtnpz0h_AVkkZLCHyiCVyMm_JD-a6BuPw6KutoK1X8w/viewform