Last time was in Kharkov airport one and a half year ago. At that time airport reconstruction was in midstream. The new passenger terminal had been already built and put into operation but we had to finish renovation of the old terminal and reconstruct it into VIP terminal. Also we had to finish runway building, taxiway and connect them with the new apron and mount jetways.

The old terminal is located in the middle of the landside. It has two areas: departure and arrival halls, and a restaurant in soviet style, it is opened for everyone.

Also there is a Business Aviation area, for example on the next photo is a Crew lounge where all Crew members have a chance to take a rest after the long flight.

So now the terminal has a new appearance from the apron. All temporary buildings were removed. To compare: view of the terminal before and after the reconstruction.

A new terminal called “A” was put into operation in August 2010. First it served only domestic flights, but by the end of the year it began to serve international flights, too (earlier they were at the old building).

Kharkov Terminal “A” is the only new ukrainian air terminal which from the very beginning was designed both for domestic and international flights serving. All other projects – in Boryspol, Zhulyany, Donetsk and Lviv first were designed only for international traffic.

When entering the terminal passengers occur in a large building with high ceiling. Functionally the hall is divided into several zones: check-in, waiting, office and public catering.

Sensitive area and aviation security control are on the second floor.

Right side of the terminal is for domestic flights. There is a cafe, chairs and two gates in the sensitive area.

International departure zone is bigger than domestic one. Here you can find a cafe, several shops, among them Duty Free.

Business class passengers of some airlines get vouchers to Business Lounge. However everyone can use this service at additional charge.

Business Lounge is fitted with easy chairs, individual sockets and a bar.

From June 2012 Kharkov airport began to use jetways. Nowadays there are 2 jetways in the airport. Its active users are low-cost Pegasus Airlines, Air Arabia and flydubai.

In all three jetways can be mounted, but while the traffic is not very big, two jetways are enough for current flight number serving.

Two Boeing 737 (VP-BOT, VP-BHA) are parked near the terminal. They are liveried in russian low-cost Sky Express which stopped flight operating in 2011. Airplanes were produced in 1991 and 1992. May be they will fly with passengers on-board in the name of ukrainian airlines.

Fokker 70 Austrian Airlines is taxing in parking place after landing. It has operated the flight from Vienna.

ATR 42 of UTair Ukraine Airlines is waiting for permission to start its flight to Kyiv.

On the old apron – on the right from the old terminal – there is a freight hangar of new and old apron machines. Here you can see both vintage cars which provided Kharkov airport operation in soviet time (yellow collor) and new airstairs.

On the wall you can see a soviet poster of supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144 with Sheremetyevo 1 on the background.

At that time Boeing 737 of flydubai is preparing for take off. Jetway has been already detached and the pushback tug is preparing to push the airplane for engine start.

But before it, by the decision of Boeing 737 captain, deicing will be made.

One more half an hour and Boeing 737 of another low-cost Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul takes the place under the jetway instead of flydubai.

It was one day of the first capital air gates. thanks Kharkov airport for help in organisation and taking photographies. Due to that preparation and publishing of this material became possible.

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