A new and unique for Ukraine Skidata parking system has been installed at Kharkiv Airport. It maximally automates and simplifies the use and payment of parking.


There is a parking terminal in front of the barrier. Press the button on it and get a ticket with a fixed time of entry. After this, the barrier will automatically open.

This ticket must be preserved until departure from the parking lot.

If you lose the ticket, contact the ticket office №1  in terminal A.


Cars can stay in the parking area for free for up to 15 minutes (not more than 1 entries from the moment of entry per day). After that, regardless of the size of the vehicle, the following rates apply:

  • 16 minutes–5 hours — 20 UAH for each full or incomplete hour of the car parking;
  • 5 hours–5 days — 100 UAH per day;
  • 5 days–7 days — 500 UAH per week;
  • for each following day, starting from the eighth — 60 UAH per day.

Drivers with disabilities, drivers transporting persons with disabilities, and public organizations of persons with disabilities, enterprises, institutions, organizations carrying out activities in the field of social protection of the population who own vehicles and transport persons with disabilities have the right to free storage vehicles in the parking lot, provided that the personnel of the parking lot present a direction issued by the local government addressed to the owner of the parking lot, which, in particular, indicates the make and license plate of such vehicle (according to the Procedure approved by the Cabinet of Ministers №585 from 25.05.2011).


Before leaving the parking you need to pay. There two ways of paying:

  • using Skidata Automated Payment Machine by cash or credit card. It is located in terminal A on the right and left side, near the cashier windows number 1 and 22.
  • using a payment terminal at the exit of the airport. Here you can pay for parking with a bank card, and using PayPass technology.

All Skidata equipment operates in Ukrainian, English, German, French, Turkish and Arabic. Each parking and payment terminal is equipped with a button for communication with the parking operator. Operators can advise on the rules of using the system and help with payment.

Unlimited card

If you travel frequently, you can purchase an unlimited electronic card that allows you to make an unlimited number of entries and exits.

The cost of the card for 1 year — 1300 UAH.

You can buy a card at the airport ticket office in the VIP terminal.

The cars can be placed free up to 15 minutes (not more than 1 entry per day).