Car parking for 503 parking lots at the airport «Kharkiv” is located on the landside area in the immediate vicinity of Terminals A, B (VIP-terminal) and C.

When entering the landside area you should get a parking card on which the time of entry is fixed.  You should keep this card till the moment of driving out of the parking.

The cars can be placed free up to 15 minutes inside the parking area. After that the following tariffs are applied whatever size of vehicle you have:

  • From 16 minutes up to 5 hours – UAH 20.00 per every full or part hour of staying inside the parking area
  • From more than 5 hours up to 1 day – UAH 100.00
  • 2 days – UAH 200.00
  • 3 days – UAH 300.00
  • More than 3 days – a week – UAH 500.00
  • For each day, starting from the 8th one – UAH 60.00

The guests and passengers of the airport can pay for parking in Parkomats which are located inside Terminal A in the left and right side wings of the building. You can use bank bills of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 hryvnias in Parkomats. The Parkomats can give change as well.


Special offer for active travelers

You can buy unlimited electronic card allowing infinite number of visits:

– card for 3 month costs 1300 UAH
– card for 1 year costs 4600 UAH

You can buy card at the airport ticket desks #9, 10 or in VIP-terminal.

The cars can be placed free up to 15 minutes

Parkomats are located inside Terminal A