On 27 April the press-conference was held in Terminal A of Kharkiv International Airport (DCH Group of Alexandr Yaroslavsky). It was dedicated to the start of cooperation among the main Ukrainian tour operators Travel Professional Group (TPG), ХКС-Group and Bravo Airways.

In frames of the press-conference the new flights of Spring/summer program 2016 were presented:

  • Moderate Bulgaria (charter program to Burgas)
  • Trend Cyprus (charter program to Larnaca)
  • Visa-free Montenegro (charter program to Tivat)
  • Hidden Mediterranean pearl – Albania

The expansion of flight program and increase of tourist offers to the most popular destinations can mean decrease of the tour price for Kharkiv citizens, it is connected with the growth of competition between tour operators. As a result despite economy problems a lot of people will be able to choose one of the resorts for summer holidays.

The participants of press-conference:

  • Julia Zgurskaya, Head of International Department of Tourist Infrastructure and Image Projects Development of Kharkiv City Council;
  • Shakhin Omarov, Honorary Consul of Albania;
  • Helen Boiko, Director of Sales Department of Travel Professional Grouр;
  • Victor Telegin, CEO of Bravo Airways;
  • Irina Khodireva, Director of ХКС-Group;
  • Daria Yakovenko, Head of sales department of Kharkiv International Airport.

The speakers told about the goals and plans of cooperation between 2 companies, perspectives that will occur due to opening of common projects of Bravo Airways, TPG and Kharkiv International Airport; announced new flight offers for summer season of the current year; also they noted that the development of new tourist destinations will significantly increase the demand on tourist service and passenger flow in the airport.

In addition CEO of Bravo Airways Victor Telegin told about the company origin, its fleet and in particular about MD-83 that will operate charter flights from Kharkiv to Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Cyprus. The flights will be operated in frames of cooperation with TPG and ХКС-Group. The plane will be also based in Kharkiv airport.

When presenting the new tourist destination for Kharkiv – Albanian Riviera, Honorary Consul of Albania Mr. Omarov underlined that holidays in the country will bring just positive emotions for tourists. “Albania is a great and very important – safe and fast-developing country. We are ready to take in tourists and amaze them by our sights and nature treasure” – he told.

Representatives of TPG and ХКС-Group noted that Albania is a new perspective destination, but also paid attention to already well-loved destinations – Cyprus, Montenegro and Bulgaria.

The prices for new summer offers are: from ХКС-Group – 10-days tour to Montenegro from 299 Euro, to Albania – from 388 Euro; from TPG – 7-days tour to Cyprus from 628 Euro (for 2 people), to Bulgaria – from 633 Euro.

After the press-conference there was a ceremonial arrival of Bravo Airways plane. Mass-media representatives were able to take photos of the plane and interview the crew members.