June 18th Bravo Airways has opened direct flights to Poland, Lublin. Flights are carried out twice a week — on Mondays and Thursdays. Travel time is two hours.

On Mondays, planes to Lublin leave at 4:15 AM. On Thursdays — a bit later, at 8:15 AM. The tickets can be purchased on the airline’s website bravoairways.com.ua. The price of one-way ticket starts from 1696 UAH.

The flights to Lublin became the third Polish direction for Kharkiv International Airport. In addition, direct flights to Warsaw and Katowice are available at the airport. LOT Polish Airlines fly to Warsaw 11 times a week. Wizz Air flights to Katowice will start on June 20 and will be available twice a week.

Flights to Lublin — the ninth new direction for the airport in 2018. Before that were opened flights to Dortmund, Milan, Tbilisi, Burgas, Barcelona, Larnaca, Batumi and Rimini.

Direct flights are available on Mondays and Thursdays. Tickets are on sale on the Bravo Airways website.