Photo by Marcin Roguski

Since 1 June Kharkiv Airlines (DCH group headed by Alexander Yaroslavsky) start carrying passengers on international routes. According to the flight program of summer season 42 flights are operated from 3 cities – Kharkiv, Kyiv and Donetsk. In June the following destinations are going to be opened – Heraklion (Greece), Monastir (Tunisia), Sharm-el-Sheikh (Egypt) and Antalya (Turkey) and also the flights to Antalya, Sharm-el-Sheikh and Hurghada will be operated from Kyiv.

DCH press service tells: “One of the main strategic goals of Kharkiv Airlines development is the passenger flow increase in International airport “Kharkiv”. To reach this goal we considered a gradual developing of business functional. On the first stage the emphasis will be put on charter flights including long-range ones, further the question about regular flights will also be considered.”

Nowadays the fleet of Kharkiv airlines consists of one B767-300ER and two B737-800NG. In prospect the aircraft quantity is going to increase according to the predicated schedule of route network development.

For the first time all flights to scheduled and planned resort destinations, such as Goa (India) and Bangkok (Thailand), will be operated in cooperation with the tour operator Pegas Touristic. In particular tickets on flighs of Kharkiv Airlines will be sold at the sale system of our tourist partner. We also consider the possibilities of working with other tour operators, first of all with those which work in Kharkiv as “mother region” of the airlines.


Kharkiv Airlines were established in 1998, stopped their operating in 2001. In summer 2012 they became a part of DCH group headed by Alexander Yaroslavsky. Its management took a decision to develop Kharkiv Airlines in order to increase the passenger flow in International airport “Kharkiv”.