On 29 May 2014 Airbus A-330 landed at International airport “Kharkiv”. It was the first experience of service of such a heavy passenger aircraft for the airport, besides the dress-rehearsal in 2012 when the airport served Airbus A-310, which delivered the team and fans of FC Sporting Lissabon from Portugal to Kharkiv. This time the runway was tested to the limit by the aero giant with its maximum take-off weight of 238 tonnes and 330 passenger seats. The flight was operated by Ukrainian Wind Rose airlines between Kharkiv and Antalya.
Airbus A-330 is a wide-body long-range passenger airplane produced by the largest Western European air construction consortium Airbus S.A.S. It is fitted with two propfan engines. Cruise speed is 940 km/h. Long-range capabilities are up to 13 400 km provided due to extra-long-range fuel tanks. The airplane has a well-considered and ergonomic internal design, large load-carrying ability, high reliability and a lot of other advantages due to which it is popular among airlines of the whole world. It is used both on medium- and long-range routes.


Автор фото: Богдан Скотников.